“Dear Juan Miguel,
I want to thank you for the wonderful guitar you made for me. It was purchased by a very knowledgeable store in Folsom California. They loved the guitar. It was a feather in my cap do to the quality of the instrument.
I would also like to thank you for being so easy to work with. Many guitar makers can be difficult. You made the whole experience a pleasure. I look forward to working with you again. Please use me as a reference.”

Lisa Hurlon

Among the many guitars y own and play, by all the great makers throughout the history of the guitar. The guitar y have by Juan Miguel Carmona is among my favorites, with a beautiful rich tone inviting playability and a soul that makes his guitar a living thing.

Bravo Juan Miguel                                        24, Septiembre 2012

Pepe Romero

“Juan Miguel Carmona’s guitar is a part of me, that makes my heart speak”

Juan Carmona (Ketama)

“Juan Miguel Carmona’s guitars have the special quality of guitars made by great luthiers.  The search for a dense, powerful, controlled, separated sound, with character and a range of tone colours; and above all, different from all the other luthiers without even trying to be. This gives it a special worth. In my opinion the limits of this guitar are not determined by the guitar itself, but by us guitarists, because it offers everything that a first-rank concert artist could want.  And it’s extraordinarily positive for the guitar world that a luthier coming from a flamenco background has achieved one of the best classical guitars made up to now in the whole world.”

Vicente Coves – Classical concert artist

“Juan Miguel Carmona’s guitars have accompanied me since my beginnings as a guitarist, and there’s something special about them.

For me, among the most important things in music is personality, identity, having  your own signature.  You find it in Juan Miguel’s guitars. I recognize the sound of his guitars – guitars of the highest quality, guitars with soul.

They’re balanced, sweet guitars, with exquisite intonation. They’re the kind of exceptional guitars that are a pleasure to play.

It’s moving to remember his father, my uncle Agustin, French polishing with patience and extraordinary skill. It runs in the family. “

JosemiCarmona (Concert artist and flamenco guitarist (member of Ketama)


“I have two or three of Juanmi’s guitars, I’ve played for a long time on a cedar one that he made for me. Juan Miguel has taste, a special sound, from Granada, and he’s another Carmona, in another aspect of the art.

In our house the guitar is another member of the family and we can tell and appreciate a good guitar. From my grandfather to my grandchildren we relish this pleasure, and I can say without reservation that Juan Miguel Carmona deserves an OLE for each guitar that he makes”.

Pepe Habichuela  – Concert artist and flamenco guitarist